Is conventional retirement not for you?

If conventional retirement is not for you, why not unretire.

Challenge the perception of retirement with The Unretiring – an online course.

If retirement is not for you unretire

Not sure where to go next in life? Join The Unretiring.

Discover a new direction with The Unretiring- an online course.

If you are lost, you may not be ready to unretire

If you’ve lost your work identity, join The Unretiring.

Reconnect with The Unretiring – an online course.

Don't want to retire? Not ready to stop? Unretire

If you’re not ready to stop, why not unretire.

Plan your next adventure with The Unretiring – online course.

Why unretire - what is unretirement

If you want to keep making a difference, why not unretire.

Keep changing your world with The Unretiring – an online course.

The Unretiring

Why unretire?

This time of life can be an opportunity to explore and shape your future! You might re-think retirement if…

  • Traditional retirement isn’t for you
  • You don’t want to stop
  • You are excited to find something new
  • You have so much more to give and do
  • You want to remain socially connected
  • You want (or need) the extra income

Should I unretire?

Our Programme


Start with our 4-week Foundation Course:


  • Delivered live and online
  • Weekly 2-hour group sessions
  • Expert mini-documentary videos, coaching and group activities
  • £299 (introductory offer £199)

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After completing the Foundation Course, continue with our Monthly Membership for only £29.99 a month!


You will have exclusive access to:

  • Monthly courses that build on the Foundation Course
  • Member-only content including learning library and top tips
  • A supportive community of unretirees and experts

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The Unretiring Programme Overview
Colin Serlin - founder of The Unretiring

We’re featured in The Financial Times!

Our founder ‘Colin Serlin’ and The Unretiring Programme, featured in the Financial Times recently, in the article: The retirees heading back to work

Colin talks about how he is hoping to change peoples lives for the better by challenging the perception of retirement through The Unretiring Programme

The Financial Times article can also be accessed directly from The Unretiring Facebook page

Read about The Unretiring in the Financial Times

Get inspired

What does unretiring mean to our team of expert contributors and retirement specialists?

We have collaborated with expert contributors from around the globe to inform our Programme – from authors to professors, entrepreneurs to coaches.


Watch the video to see how they answered the question: what does unretiring mean to you?


  • Kerry Hannon – career strategist and author
  • Paul Tasner – seniorpreneur, CEO and co-founder
  • Gerd Leonhard – futurist, author and entrepreneur
  • Simon Middleton – brand strategist and serial entrepreneur
  • Dr Edward Rogoff – Professor and author

Should I unretire?

Take this short questionnaire to find out your unretirement path and whether The Unretiring is for you!


62 Years

The Unretiring

I’ve been waiting for
this chapter my entire
life, it’s my turn now.

i have unretired

Our experts

Our expert contributors provide their rich points of view throughout the Foundation Course and Monthly Membership, sparking discussion and inspiring thinking.

The Unretiring

Retirement specialists

The Unretiring

Transition coaches

The Unretiring

Leading authors

The Unretiring


The Unretiring


The Unretiring


The Unretiring


The Unretiring

Digital gurus

The Unretiring

HR specialists

The Unretiring

Business consultants

Our latest news

Colin Serlin - founder of The Unretiring


The retirees heading back to work

We are delighted to have our founder, Colin Serlin, feature prominently in a recent ...

esther rantzen the unretiring ambassador


What Esther Rantzen thinks about unretirement

As someone with a prolific career and as an unretiree herself, Esther believes that ...

5 reasons why you should unretire


What is unretirement?

Retirement is a huge life event which, in fact, unfolds over many years. It can be a...


The Unretiring

I have been somewhat confused about what I need to give up, what to keep and what to add. This course led me to realize what I need to do next to help me make those decisions.

16.05.2022 | May pilot participant

The Unretiring

I found the session very thought-provoking and uplifting. It was great to connect with so many thoughtful individuals and to see the focus and determination within this community.

22.07.2022 | July pilot participant

The Unretiring

The course has given me new perspectives and improved my understanding of other personal life situations.

22.07.2022 | July pilot participant

The Unretiring

It was great to have a guided exploration and conversation on the topic. Skillful and insightful facilitation was key, and reflective/journaling time was important.

22.07.2022 | July pilot participant

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