Is conventional retirement not for you?

If conventional retirement is not for you, why not unretire.

If retirement is not for you unretire

Not sure where to go next in life? Why not unretire.

If you are lost, you may not be ready to unretire

If you’ve lost your work identity, why not unretire.

Don't want to retire? Not ready to stop? Unretire

If you’re not ready to stop, why not unretire.

Why unretire - what is unretirement

If you want to keep making a difference, why not unretire.

The Unretiring
should i unretire

Retirement isn't working?

There could be 20 or even 30 years of active life after retirement! Many people retire younger and life expectancy continues to increase.

Whilst leisure works brilliantly as a counterbalance to work, for many, it often has far less appeal as a way of life. Data shows that many people find retirement unsuited for them. They are often a little bored, lost, lonely or even unhappy, with no real sense of purpose or direction.  For some, continuing to apply themselves in a different capacity can be the answer, whether that’s through a vocation, volunteering, community leadership, or working through entrepreneurship and employment.

Unretirement is exactly that, when people nearing or in retirement opt to continue being meaningfully productive, but in a different way or capacity to the way they were before. 

benefits of unretiring membership

Benefits of unretirement

Many retirees find it difficult to adjust to retirement: lack of structure, loss of professional identity, or underwhelming prospects.

Dedicating the time to shape your unretirement plan can be hugely rewarding.  It will help you define your ideal unretirement in terms of:

  • Provide a sense of purpose
  • Retain [work-related] identity
  • Gain satisfaction and sense of achievement
  • Provide a structure to your day/week/months
  • Find a positive route forward

Challenges of retirement

The difficulties that you face in retirement will differ from person to person and will depend on the direction that you choose to take.  However, there are some common challenges that people face when navigating retirement.  It is important not to underestimate the impact of these challenges.


Loss of identity (particularly if linked to profession) is a common difficulty.

Now could be an opportunity for renewal and taking a fresh look at yourself.


Feeling the loss of your network and social interaction.

There are lots of people out there who are struggling with the same feelings of loss


Feeling aimless and bored, and just don't know what to do with yourself.

Starting a project or something new could help!


Having a lack of self-motivation and decision paralysis.

Thinking about making a plan, even a little plan, will really help get you going.

Rethinking retirement

This time of life can be an opportunity to explore and shape your future! You might re-think traditional retirement if…

Facing Retirement

You don't want to stop


You have so much more to give and do

Peer Conversation

You want to remain socially connected


You may want (or need) extra income

BG retirement plans

The Unretiring

At present, we are not running any of our coaching courses, but we are currently exploring other potential initiatives to support Unretirees.

Watch this space….
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