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Dare to dream

Looking to the future can be both exciting and scary.

Session 2: Dare to dream will give you permission to voice your retirement dreams and explore the seemingly impossible.  We will start to layer practicalities and realism throughout subsequent sessions.  So, for now, get in touch with your inner passion and really dare to dream!

This session will help you to feel more excited and positive in considering what’s next for you.  Remember, you’ve got a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to apply to something that you really want to do.

In this session you will ask yourself these two key questions: what are my dreams? and what matters most to me?.


You will explore how…


    Work provides more than just a paycheck. It can give us a sense of identity, purpose, structure, worth, and belonging. Connect with what matters most to you now and who you are becoming.


    Most people find it hard to allow themselves to voice what they really want (finding 101 reasons not to).  Yet exploring your wildest dreams may unearth what matters most to you.  It may feel a bit unfamiliar or uncomfortable at times, but it is always worthwhile.


    You have decades of life experience behind you, making you a richer, stronger person.  Unpick skills and knowledge that you’ve garnered and celebrate! You have a lifetime of experiences that you can pull on.



You will leave more ready to…


    Passion is what motivates you and makes you feel good. Passion is an essential ingredient for success. Most successful people are people of great passion. Reconnect with your passion points.


    Take a new look at understanding your core values and your purpose going forward. Leave with a feeling of vim and clarity as you start to interrogate and connect with your values and are ultimately able to make decisions based on them.


    Voicing your dreams does not mean that you are going to attempt to do something unrealistic!  Rather, it helps to get in touch with your aspirations for this stage of your life.  Start to visualise what your dream unretirement could look and feel like…



Hopes for your retirement years

The Unretiring

Session 2: Dare to dream helps you re-engage

with your core values and what matters most to you

Session 2 experts include:
Celia Dodd - bio headshot

Celia Dodd

Journalist and author

Chris Farrell journalist and author

Chris Farrell

Journalist, author and speaker

Nancy Schlossberg bio headshot

Dr Nancy Schlossberg

Author and life transitions guru

Oliver Robinson bio headshot

Dr Oliver Robinson

Psychology Professor and author

Sabah Khan bio headshot

Dr Sabah Khan

Practising psychologist and lecturer

Michelle Silver bio headshot alt

Dr Michelle Silver

Gerontology professor

unretiring foundation course

Foundation course

Session 2: Daring to dream is the second session in our Foundation Course

The entire Foundation Course spans 4 weeks with a different topic covered each week.

Read more about our whole Foundation Course

Frequently asked questions

For a full list of our frequently asked questions, please see our FAQs page

Our Foundation Course is being delivered live digitally using:

  • Virtual learning: tutor-led, live, online sessions
  • Group tasks: conversations and activities with other people
  • Online: always-on, always accessible

Our experienced facilitator will coach you through the course, using videos from expert contributors to spark discussion and develop your thinking.

All course materials and videos will be available to participants following each session.

We believe that you will benefit from the strength and support of your peers. They are people in a similar boat to you and you will undoubtedly have shared experiences. We would love this community to support each other throughout and beyond the course.

You will have the same facilitator throughout the Foundation Course, who will get to know you. At any point, you can contact us with any thoughts or questions, and we will aim to respond within 24 hours.

The Foundation Course is delivered over 4 weeks, with one 2 hour session each week.

The time commitment is therefore 8 hours.  Additional reading and assignments are available if you wish to delve deeper.

Anyone who takes The Foundation Course will have access to the course materials for their lifetime.

As long as you are a member of The Unretiring, through our Monthly Membership, you will have unlimited access to our learning library of all courses and information, as well as access to our community forum.

No, not at all.  The Unretiring Programme has been designed with limited technical experience in mind. We use the latest virtual learning software that ensures a seamless online learning experience.  Our facilitator will guide and support you throughout.

We recommend however that you use a laptop or computer with a screen large enough for you to participate in session discussions and communicate with your peers effectively.

This is definitely a time for self-reflection – but it’s really difficult on your own.  It’s a great opportunity to review your life‘s experiences -consider what you’re good at – what your talents are and what you want to do with them. It’s a time to actually allow your dreams to come to the front and think of possibilities.

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Colin Serlin, Founder
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