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Come up with unretiring ideas that will help you thrive

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Design your retirement

It started as a dream.  It became a reality.

Session 3: Design your unretirement will help you now turn the dreams into 3 potential tangible ideas, through understanding your strengths and limitations.

You will be able to visualise what you want your day-to-day life to look like going forward – the structure and routine that will help you thrive.  And as we do, we’ll keep an eye out for areas of sabotage and prepare accordingly.

You will ask yourself two key questions: what are my strengths and limitations? and what helps me thrive?.


You will explore how…


    Bringing an idea to life isn’t always an easy process.  However, you’ll make very little progress without one.  Ideas can help you visualise opportunities and they can excite and motivate you.


    Typically, with age you become more realistic and honest.  This is of huge benefit when thinking about how to navigate the transition into or out of retirement.


    Success will mean different things to different people in different situations.  But what we do know is that success doesn’t just happen to people.  They make it happen.  And usually, there’s a fair deal of designing and planning that goes on.



You will leave more ready to…


    With a clear picture of what it is that you want to achieve, a tangible idea form.  Identifying what’s at the core of your idea(s) and what your key experience and skills are will help shape your unretirement options.


    Take inspiration from others who have created a lifestyle to achieve balance and success. Define a new structure and routine to be your best self.  What would you need each day, week, month…?


    Having created 3 broad ideas, you’ll take one and give thought to how it could actually look and feel – would it work for the lifestyle you desire, would it leverage your experience and skills, would it satisfy your needs, would it excite you…?


What you need to thrive

The Unretiring

Session 3: Design your unretirement
will help you define the structure and routine that will support your ambitions

Session 3 experts include:
Celia Dodd - bio headshot

Celia Dodd

Journalist and author

Chris Farrell journalist and author

Chris Farrell

Journalist, author and speaker

Nancy Schlossberg bio headshot

Dr Nancy Schlossberg

Author and life transitions guru

Oliver Robinson bio headshot

Dr Oliver Robinson

Psychology Professor and author

Sabah Khan bio headshot

Dr Sabah Khan

Practising psychologist and lecturer

Michelle Silver bio headshot alt

Dr Michelle Silver

Gerontology professor

unretiring foundation course

Foundation course

Session 3: Design your unretirement is the third session in our Foundation Course

The entire Foundation Course spans 4 weeks with a different topic covered each week.

Read more about our whole Foundation Course


Frequently asked questions

For a full list of our frequently asked questions, please see our FAQs page

Our Foundation Course is being delivered live digitally using:

  • Virtual learning: tutor-led, live, online sessions
  • Group tasks: conversations and activities with other people
  • Online: always-on, always accessible

Our experienced facilitator will coach you through the courses, using videos from expert contributors to spark discussion and develop your thinking.

All course materials and videos will be available to participants following each session.

We believe that you will benefit from the strength and support of your peers. They are people in a similar boat to you and you will undoubtedly have shared experiences. We would love this community to support each other throughout and beyond the course.

You will have the same facilitator throughout the Foundation Course, who will get to know you.  At any point, you can contact us with any thoughts or questions, and we will aim to respond within 24 hours.

The Foundation Course is delivered over 4 weeks, with one 2 hour session each week.

The time commitment is therefore 8 hours.  Additional reading and assignments are available if you wish to delve deeper.

Anyone who takes The Foundation Course will have access to the course materials for their lifetime.

As long as you are a member of The Unretiring, through our Monthly Membership, you will have unlimited access to our learning library of all courses and information, as well as access to our community forum.

No, not at all.  The Unretiring Programme has been designed with limited technical experience in mind. We use the latest virtual learning software that ensures a seamless online learning experience.  Our facilitator will guide and support you throughout.

We recommend however that you use a laptop or computer with a screen large enough for you to participate in session discussions and communicate with your peers effectively.

This is possibly the first time in most people’s lives that you can actually get to “design “ what you want your life to look like – rather than have family or society imposed directions. And it’s not easy – but it’s the beginning of forming a concept of what you might do next

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Colin Serlin, Founder
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