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What is unretirement?

Unretirement is rejoining the workforce after retirement, in a full-time or part-time capacity.

Who is The Unretiring for?

The Unretiring is designed to help unretirees (those who opt for a non-traditional retirement) explore and define their future destination and then create a plan to achieve it. Ask yourself some illuminating questions in What is my unretirement path?

I haven’t retired yet. Can I still take the Foundation Course?

Yes, whilst The Foundation Course has been created for retirees it is also suitable for anyone nearing traditional retirement age.

The Unretiring Programme information

What is The Unretiring Programme?

The Unretiring Programme starts with our Foundation Course and continues with our Monthly Membership.

Participants must have completed the Foundation Course in order to start our Monthly Membership.

How long is The Foundation course?

The Foundation Course is delivered over four weeks, with one 2 hour session each week.
The time commitment is therefore 8 hours. Additional reading and assignments are available if you wish to delve deeper.

How much Does the Programme Cost?

Can i just start with Monthly Membership?

No. You must have completed the Foundation Course before you continue your journey with our Monthly Membership.

How we’ll deliver the Programme

How are the courses delivered?

The Unretiring Programme delivers its Foundation Course and all courses through our Monthly Membership, live digitally using:

Virtual learning: tutor-led, live, online sessions
Group tasks:  conversations and activities with other people
Online: always-on, always accessible

Our experienced facilitator will coach you through the courses, using videos from expert contributors to spark discussion and develop your thinking.

All course materials and videos will be available to participants following each session.

What support will I receive during each course?

We believe that you will benefit from the strength and support of your peers.  They are people in a similar boat to you and you will undoubtedly have shared experiences.  We would love this community to support each other throughout and beyond the course

You will have the same facilitator throughout the Foundation Course, who will get to know you. At any point, you can contact us with any thoughts or questions, and we will aim to respond within 24 hours.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

Anyone who takes The Unretiring Foundation Course will have access to the course materials for their lifetime.

As long as you are a member of The Unretiring, through our Monthly Membership, you will have unlimited access to our learning library of all courses and information, as well as access to our community forum.

The Unretiring Programme requirements

Are there any requirements?

Our Foundation Course is open to anyone aged over 55 years old who is currently retired or looking to retire.

Our Monthly Membership is only available once you have completed our Foundation Course

No specific skills or prior knowledge is required.  We ask that you come with an open mind and the desire to reflect on what you’d like to achieve from the next stage in your life.  We will coach you through the whole process.

The courses are conducted in English and we suggest that participants have a conversational knowledge of English.

I’m not overly familiar with Technology. Does this matter?

No, not at all.  The Unretiring Programme has been designed with limited technical experience in mind. We use the latest virtual learning software that ensures a seamless online learning experience.  Our facilitator will guide and support you throughout.

Can I use a tablet or mobile device?

We recommend that you use a laptop or computer with a screen large enough for you to participate in session discussions and communicate with your peers effectively.

Will I be assessed on the Foundation Course?

No, there is no assessment on the Foundation Course as it’s really about what you as an individual want to get from it.  There is no one-size-fits-all.  It is about finding what will work best for you.

What additional equipment or software will I need?

You will need continuous access to stable internet and simply click on links to our platforms as required.  There is no need to download any additional software, or install any additional equipment.


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