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Retirement isn't working?

There could be 20 or even 30 years of active life after retirement! Many people retire younger and life expectancy continues to increase.

Whilst leisure works brilliantly as a counterbalance to work, for many, it often has far less appeal as a way of life. Data shows that many people find retirement unsuited for them. They are often a little bored, lost, lonely or even unhappy, with no real sense of purpose or direction.  For some, continuing work in a different capacity can be the answer.

Unretirement is exactly that when people in or near retirement opt to continue working, but in a different way or capacity to the way they were working before. 

This is where The Unretiring can help.

retired and bored?

Are you retired and bored?

After the honeymoon period of retirement, we see that many people start to feel bored and realise they want more.

Without the day-to-day structure and social interaction that working brings, people can be left feeling lost and lonely. Recent studies suggest that as many as two-thirds of people who retire believe that if they were to continue working in some capacity, they would have more of a sense of purpose.

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Benefits of unretirement

Many retirees find it difficult to adjust to retirement: lack of structure, loss of professional identity, or underwhelming prospects.

Dedicating the time to shape your unretirement plan can be hugely rewarding.  It will help you define your ideal unretirement in terms of:

  • Provide a sense of purpose
  • Retain [work-related] identity
  • Gain satisfaction and sense of achievement
  • Provide a structure to your day/week/months
  • Find a positive route forward

Should I unretire?

Take this short questionnaire to find out your unretirement path and find out whether The Unretiring is for you!


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The Unretiring

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Challenges of retirement

The difficulties that you face in retirement will differ from person to person and will depend on the direction that you choose to take.  However, there are some common challenges that people face when navigating retirement.  It is important not to underestimate the impact of these challenges.

The Unretiring Foundation Course helps you identify your own personal challenges and how to turn these into opportunities.


Loss of identity (particularly if linked to profession) is a common difficulty.

Now could be an opportunity for renewal and taking a fresh look at yourself.


Feeling the loss of your network and social interaction.

There will be continuity, contact and community with The Unretiring to help here.


Feeling aimless and bored, and just don't know what to do with yourself.

Starting a project can help!


Having a lack of self-motivation and decision paralysis.

Thinking about making a plan, even a little plan, will really help get you going.

Is unretirement for you?


Unretirement is for you if…

  • You are unhappy and feel retirement isn’t working for you
  • You want to shape your future direction
  • You are lost and seek to find fresh meaning and purpose
  • You are bored and are excited to do something new
  • You have so much more to give and do
  • You want (or need) extra income
  • You feel lonely and are missing the social interaction


Unretirement is not for you if…

  • You see no reason to change your current set-up
  • You need to give full attention to your family and friends
  • You only want leisure activities in your life now
  • You want to avoid the potential for work-related anxiety


The Unretiring

I lost my job after 40 years of continuous employment. I felt it was an opportunity. 10 years ago I launched my business. It’s been the greatest challenge and reward of my life!

Paul Tasner, Seniorpreneur

The Unretiring

I’ve been retired for 20 years but during that whole time, I’ve been unretired! I needed to continue producing and helping. And I’ve been enjoying these years.

Dr Nancy Schlossberg, Author and life transitions guru

The Unretiring

For a lot of us reaching retirement age means new opportunities. It means being able to look back at the things you've always wanted to do and think "I've got time now..."

Dame Esther Rantzen, The Unretiring Ambassador

The Unretiring

I am not traditionally retired at all. I love having the flexibility of doing what I want. My retirement years have continued to make me feel happy, useful and valuable.

Dr Larry Rosen, Psychology Professor and author

The Unretiring

The sense of being, to some extent, in charge of your own destiny is incredibly exciting and fulfilling! I wouldn’t change that experience for the world.

Simon Middleton, Brand strategist and entrepreneur

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